Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Technic 6 pieces nailpolish set - SWATCHES

Good evening,

how are you?

Hope you are fine, and you'll have a great weekend ahead!

So last week I went to Dunnes and got myself a little treat, a Technic Nail Polish Set with great 6 colours for 7€.

Unfortunatelly the shades don't have names, but there is a metallic purple, that is so beautiful in the bottle but not really nice on the nails (I'll save that for another post), then we have a gold, that is a one coater, I just used two for the swatches. A metallic blue, really nice and great to apply. Then we have the cremes: Mint - Taupe and kind of Peach/Coral.
(For these upcoming four colours I used two coats)

In direct sunlight:

Just a closeup of the gold shade. I love this beautiful multicolour shimmer, would be nicer without all these streaks.

That coral/peach colour was used for a whole mani, but unfortunatelly it did not dry, although I used Essie's Good to Go. The other problem was, that I already used three coats and I could use another one till full opacity:


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