Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

It's October - it's PINK - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So, since the last Monday, it's October, and that means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As some of my family members were affected with that subject, I am really into that and I love the fact, that October is going to be pink!

That is a reason to show you some pink nail art manis in the upcoming weeks.

Unfortunatelly I haven't brought any pink nail polishes with me to Ireland, so I had a great excuse to buy some new ones.

Today, I want to show you some nail art, I hope, you'll like it!

First I want to present NYC's Colour Bubblegum Pink - I think the name fits the shoe, I really like the colour, light and bright. The formula was a bit runny and I applied two coats, to be honest, on some nails I should've applied three, because you still could see my nails through it.

Then I applied the Nailart with NYC City Blackout and a dotting tool:

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