Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

NOTD OPI My pointe exactly + Pirouette my whistle

Hello folks,

just a quick nails of the day. Well I have them since yesterday, but they are still nice and it's kind of a simple combination.

I got myself the New York City Ballet Mini Collection for about 16 Euros the last time I was in town. Well I bought it mainly because of the Pirouette my whistle glitter coat, I fell in love with it and would be great on any other polish then.

I used Essie Nourish me as a base, then I applied two coats of OPI My pointe exactly, well three coats would be better and more opaque as you still can see my nails.

Then I applied one coat of Pirouette my whistle and finished with Sally Hansen InstaDri.

I absolute love this combination and it is suitable for every occasion.


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