Samstag, 6. April 2013

NOTDs of the week

Hey there, 

today, I have some NOTDs of this week, brought to you, by Instagram 

Easter Mani

Base: Essie Nourish me

Thumb:Essie Navigate her
Index:H&M Peppermint Fusion
Middle finger:Essie Peach daiquiri
Ring finger:Essie Navigate her
Pinky:P2 Frozen Lavender
Sally Hansen InstaDri

Stamping: HB 38 und Manhattan St. Honore, Gras: NYC High line green, Finish: Sally Hansen InstaDri
Polka Dots NYC Pinstripe White, Finish: P2 Matte Top Coat

Catrice The Effect Maker

Base: Essie Nourish me
2x Catrice The Effect Maker
Finish: Sally Hansen InstaDri

Models Own Indian Ocean

Base: Essie Nourish me
2x Models Own Indian Ocean
Finish: Sally Hansen InstaDri