Samstag, 25. August 2012

[Nail Art] Nail Art Challenge Candy Floss | Water Marble in Pink-White

Die Idee zur Umsetzung dieser Nailart ist mir sofort gekommen, als ich das Thema auf der Facebookgruppe zur Summer Challenge gelesen hatte.

Mit Candy Floss/Zuckerwatte verbinde ich Rosa-Weiß-Töne und zuckrige klebrige Fäden, und so entschied ich mich für ein Water Marble in Rosa-Weiß und benutzte gewöhnliche Watte für die spezielle Oberflächenstruktur.

As soon as I read the theme for today's challenge (as a part of this year's summer challenge) on the Facebook page, I had the imagination for my design.

When I hear about CANDY FLOSS, I am always thinking of white and pink coloured themes and sweet and fluffy twines full of yummy candy floss.
So I decided to do another water marble, this time in pink and white and added some cotton wool for the special texture.

Step by Step:

First, I applied P2 Base+Care Coat as a Base Coat, then I added one coat of Essence Iced Strawberry Cream. I really love that colour, but actually it is more rosy, than the picture below shows.

Second I did the water marbling, I used Alessandro Happy Pink, Yves Rocher French Manicure White, China Glaze Frosty and Essence I want that.

I am happy with the outcome, (don't know, why I got that blister on my ring finger nail :-() and I really start to love water marbling, I have so many ideas for different designs, can't wait, to try them all.

For a finish, I applied one coat of Essence gel look top coat and dipped some cotton wool into the wet top coat.

Ready to go for some yummy CANDY FLOSS NAILS:

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