Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

Turqoise - Salmon Combination with white Polka Dots

Hi there,

today, I have an easy, yet wonderful manicure for you.

I saw a similar colour combination on this wonderful blog, and so I used it as an inspiration to create my own manicure.
Actually, this blog has some great manis and colour combinations, her skills and ideas are amazing and so inspiring!

This blog used a mint hue, while I'm using a turqoise shade by Manhattan. The peach-apricot-coral-salmon hue I used is P2 Being in heaven, that's the own brand of Germany's wonderful drugstore dm.

I applied the turqoise in 2, the salmon in 3 coats:

The applied the white polka dots with a dotting tool using NYC's Pinstripe White.

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