Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

Sorry, but do we know each other?! #1 - Manhattan 51K + Maybelline Speckled Pink

Hi there,

maybe you have the same problem! 
When you are a collector of nailpolish you have some colours you bought, but till now, you haven't tried them. 
Last week I was just looking at my stash and found loads of polishes, I haven't tried, yet. 
So I decided that I will try and wear some of those at least once a week!
I put them all in a basket and so I will pick one every time:

So, today's choice is a perfect choice for the Summer!
I bright and vibrant pink, you just have to love!

Manhattan 51K - I think I got it as a present with some other Manhattan polishes and I think, I used this hue before in some nail art, but I haven't worn it just the way it is.

But sooo beautiful.

I applied 3 coats.

To give it a different look, I've used Maybelline's Color Show Polka Dots in Speckled Pink on top:

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