Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

P2 Pool Side Party Limited Edition & Bloglovin

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P2 just released their new Limited Edition called Pool Side Party.

The colours just screaming summer, sun and sea! 

Turquoise Sky und Blue Lagoon
are the two polishes I bought!

top turquoise sky, bottom blue lagoon
Both of them remind me of the blue deep ocean and I think they match pretty well.

Blue lagoon is a deep blue, while turquoise sky is a nice turquoise shade, that reminds me of Essie's Where's my Chauffeur?

Base: P2 Base+Care Coat
2 Coats of the P2 polishes
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Insta Dri

They were easy to apply and would be a one coater, although I used two coats of both of the colours.

I got them here in Germany in the dm drugstore for 2,25€ per 12ml.

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