Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Sunday's Facebook Challenge #8 Stamping + Tape

It seems like I haven't participated on the Facebook Challenge since years. Every weekend I was kind of busy or I forgot to participate, but for this weekends challenge I'm back with a great theme.

It's tape and stamping, two great things combined and I decided to go with one of my favourite themes. I am celebrating the NHL season, that finally started last weekend and so I went with a mani for my favourite team, obviously the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So I first used Micro Cell as a base coat and then I applied two coats of NYC Pinstripe White and the Technic Gold polish onto my nails.

On the thumb and ringfinger, I then used the tape and Technic Gold and on my pinky I used NYC City Blackout.

Thumb & ringfinger: Cheeky CH-8
Index & middlefinger: HB 41

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