Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

NOTD H&M Lady Luck

Hi there,

long time no see.
I am really sorry, but the last weeks, I was really busy, and I didn't paint my nails. First, I was busy doing all the housework in this big house here in Ireland and second I catched a cold and didn't feel like painting my nails, so for the last three or four weeks my nails weren't painted at all. And it felt really good painting them again.

Here in the two shopping centres there are a lot of great nail polish colours to get, from GOSH, Revlon, Claire's, Accessorize, Bourjois, Sally Hansen and also Catrice and Essence.

Last sunday, I went to the Athlone town centre, first to have a Cappuccino and a Scone in my new favourite Café, was great to sit there and reading a book.
Well then I went to the H&M shop and got myself two nail polishes as a little treat. One of them I want to show you today.

It's H&M Lady Luck:
The colour is a metallic duocrome, that changes it's colour between green and blue.
For the pics below I applied:
1x Essie Help me grow
2x H&M Lady Luck
1x Sally Hansen Instadri (got it here in Ireland, it's my first time I am using this top coat, and hope the polish will last a long time without chipping on my nails - will tell you in a few days, if it worked out and if I am satisfied with it or not)

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